Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Last updated 2018-06-23

We're not lawyers and neither are our users, so we've avoided legalese and used a plain English agreement that reads more like an FAQ. Nevertheless, this is a legally binding agreement, and you need to accept it in order to use Proj.email.

Who's running Proj.email and who am I dealing with?

Hi! It's us, Simon Bond from Sichbo Interactive — a software business legally registered in Nova Scotia Canada, and Geoff Graham from sunny California USA. Proj.email is not run by some big corporate entity with stock holders or investors hoping to make a bunch of money. Our intention with Proj.email is to provide a service that helps people organise their projects enough to pay its bills and few people's modest wages.

You can e-mail support@proj.email at any time for help and if you need to write to us you can do so c/o Sichbo Interactive, BOX 60 Sherbrooke, NS B0J3C0 Canada.

GDPR, Tracking, Cookies and Privacy.

We operate independently with no external partners or data processors other than PayPal who handle our billing.

Who owns or controls my data?

Proj.email has no claim, interest or ownership over any content that you put into the system. Your account data is private and is treated as such. The account owner controls all data contained in it and can delete it at any time.

Are there things that I'm not allowed to do on Proj.email?

The following things are prohibited:

  1. Any e-mailed content deemed to be illegal under Canadian or US law.
  2. Anything else which the constabularies might have a problem with such as crime ring communications.

We're obligated to cooperate with Canadian law enforcement should a request for account information arise.

What am I using/buying, exactly?

Proj.email is what's commonly referred to 'Software as a Service'. It allows you to manage projects through our website by passively organising emails and tracking progress. It is not an individual piece of software that is downloaded or 'sold', but rather we offer you a license to use our site in exchange for a small monthly fee. Your fee helps to cover our hosting, support and development costs.

How reliable will the service be?

It should be available to you when you need it 99% of the time. We've carefully designed Proj.email to be as fault tolerant as possible. Specifically we run our servers in what's called a high-availability configuration which consists of multiple stand-by computers waiting in the wings to take over if one computer fails. If something goes wrong, the system automatically attempts to reconfigure itself to stay online. In the event of an outage some data may momentarily enter into a 'read-only' mode whilst our servers reconfigure themselves. Should the need arise we can also manually intervene to get things working normally again. We will endeavour to get things back to normal for you with minimal delay.

In spite of all the fail-safes and efforts, things can still go wrong. By using the service you accept that it may go down sometimes and that any disruption to your business or project planning cannot be compensated.

How easy is it to cancel and do you send me a lot of emails afterwards?

Here's how the cancellation process works:

  1. Look under Account > Settings > tick Delete my account and expunge all data in 30 days. Hit Save changes.
  2. We will send you an e-mail to acknowledge the cancellation of your account.
  3. We don't believe in pushy sales tactics and will not e-mail you again.
  4. If you change your mind within 30 days simply email support@proj.email from the address that you signed up with and we'll be happy to reinstate the account for you.
  5. After 30 days all of the account's project and email data will be permanently expunged from our servers along with your name and the e-mail address originally associated with the account. Put simply, we will have deleted all trace of your information with the exception of transaction receipts (if any) which we need to keep around for accounting/tax reasons.
  6. The domain name that you were using will be left as "reserved" so that it can't be reinstated by some unknown person and used to trick anybody.

Limited warranty, liability and jurisdiction.

We will make every reasonable effort to avoid a legal dispute with you. But because the world's social contract is this artificially scarce and imaginary thing that we call 'money', sometimes folks because of unfortunate life circumstances can choose to lash out or become unduly litigious. In order to shield ourselves from those unattractive sorts of behaviours, we ask that you agree to the following legal tidbits.

By using Proj.email you agree that your sole legal remedy or compensation for any action brought against Proj.email, Sichbo Interactive or its operator Simon Bond in court will be the sum total of your subscription payments. In other words, we are at most willing to provide a full refund in the event of any dispute or legal action.

Because Proj.email is located in Nova Scotia Canada these terms fall under Canadian jurisdiction, and any irresolvable arguments will be hashed out in a court somewhere in Nova Scotia, Canada.

That's it.

We might need to update these terms if something comes up that we didn't think of. Please check back every once in a while.

If something sounds unclear please e-mail us and ask about it.