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This is how to mock up a project plan

It's a simple interactive road map. Team e-mails go into project stages of any flow or complexity.

This is how people work on the project (without logging in)

Basically they just e-mail amongst themselves and Cc the project on everything and use #hashtags in subject lines. Proj.email does its thing in the background.

This is how people know what they're working on (without logging in)

Participants can either schedule task lists to be delivered to them periodically, or they can fire off a blank #whatsup to a project and get back a summary of what's up.

This is how people log in, if they want to

We don't use passwords. Passwords are stupid. Instead we shoot a little email to your inbox. Just hit reply & send, and voilĂ ! You've proven your identity. This just as secure as other systems that reset passwords over e-mail.

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