How to plan and coordinate a property sale 🏡

Learn a better way to organise and coordinate your property listings via e-mail.

Juggling multiple tools or using CRM software can be costly and time consuming. Everybody has e-mail, but it's difficult not to lose track of important information without resorting to calendars or excel sheets. An easier way to manage everything is to simply visualise the series of stages on each of your properties, and then have e-mail discussions automatically filed away underneath each stage accordingly. Think of it like a filing cabinet for e-mails.

Let's have a go at mapping out a property listing workflow for a new potential client.

An easy e-mail based property listing workflow
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When coordinating a property listing you may want to work in isolation, silently organising e-mail discussions on your end. You can do this simply by leaving "team members" out of the sale project. Simply enable the Accept e-mails sent by anyone option under project settings so that mail Cc'd directly into the system from the client or the buying agent can be automatically organised.

Accept e-mails sent by anyone and don't bother adding a team

With your property sale workflow and settings done, set your Market Analysis and Appraisal stages to In Progress, and get to work.

Your property listing workflow in action

All information is fed into the system via email, even if you're just storing documents or files for your own reference. Click on the #Appraisal e-mail discussion starter and use it to fire off a work order with your usual property appraiser.

If you ask people to please always 'Reply All', their responses will automatically pop up under the #Appraisal step. If you don't want to ask them to do that or if somebody forgets, it's no problem, you can easily import mail from your inbox directly by using the built-in mail app.

Importing a discussion manually

Good luck!


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