About Proj.email


We kind of love e-mail. It gets a bad wrap on account of sloppy etiquette by service providers using it as a notification sink, cluttering up people's inboxes with garbage. We think that if everybody could tell those guys to screw off and just get back to emailing one another directly and naturally, they can manage projects more affordably and just as effectively by having something like Proj.email silently file everything away in an organised manner, and then closing out conversations as tasks or issues are dealt with.


Proj.email is run by Geoff Graham (California, USA) and Simon Bond (Nova Scotia, Canada.) A duo with over 20 years experience between them building applications and helping people.

Simon is the author of Proj.email and thinks programming should be like useful artwork. He has over 16 years experience designing, building and operating mission-critical web applications.

Geoff is a disabled veteran with close to 5 years experience in software. He's the leader of his kid's Boy Scout Pack. He believes in only marketing products that you actually believe in. He has been featured in the the NY times for some of the work he has done, and he strives to live an honest and healthy life.

Believe it or not, money is dead to us. Necessary though it is in modern society, our end game with Proj.email is to enjoy life and help a few folks along the way. As people we each get about seventy trips around the sun, maybe a few more if we're lucky. Given our futile and fleeting moment of time as guests on this lava lamp, our social contract which consists of imaginary data (money) seems rather worthless in the bigger picture.

For this reason, if you have a worthwhile humanitarian or non-profit endeavour that you're embarking on and would like a complimentary account, please write to us at support@proj.email — we would be honoured to help out.