The simple e-mail centric project management system. enables your team to keep collaborating over e-mail whilst it organises everybody's discussions into projects.

Organise existing e-mails into stages and assign things. Let your team e-mail one another naturally and highlight anything important.
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No payment info required and there are no naggy or pushy sales emails (we don't do that here.)

How does everybody know what to work on or see deadlines?
A project coordinator simply defines stages, deadlines and assignees. Each team member can then retrieve their list of active or up-coming responsibilities without leaving their mail app by simply shooting a blank message with subject line #whatsup your project's e-mail address.

If people prefer, they may also turn on automated periodic summaries on a daily or weekly schedule that suits them.

For those who wish to do so, they can also visit to see all of the e-mails sent amongst everybody on the team, neatly organised into stages within your project hierarchy.
Won't it create a bunch of email and make inboxes messy?
Email becomes messy when there are a lot of automated alerts or noise from web services — so an important design goal with was to not increase any participant's email volume beyond what they're already sending amongst team members. It should be as if is not even there. For this reason the system never sends your team emails other than login confirmations or on-demand reports.
Does everybody need to login or learn how to use it?
No! Use of the portal by project participants is optional. Participants need not sign in at all to work on a project. At any time they can send a blank email with hashtag #whatsup in the subject line to receive an instant status update. Nevertheless, the project portal provides some handy features such as setting up automated report scheduling, a unified search of everyone's conversations, as well an ability to modify things (if permitted) which participants may want to take advantage of.

If participants opt to sign in to the portal there are also no passwords to set up, manage or remember. We do this by authenticating people one-time on any new device through a simple e-mail. This is exactly as secure as all other online services that offer a password reset function — we just eliminate the password.
Will it work with my mail app? is compatible with all e-mail clients. Simply Cc your project's e-mail address and e-mail your team members like you normally would. Use a #hashtag in the subject line to automatically file a new conversation thread under a particular project task or stage. Hit Reply All to keep the project in the loop. That's all there is to it.
How much is it?
Unlimited users and projects are just $39 per calendar month, cancel any time. Here's how our solution compares to some other project organising tools: Basecamp ZoHo Projects
Team Training Requirements None — e-mail as usual. Documentation, Classes, Videos Documentation, Classes, Videos Documentation, Classes, Videos
Unlimited Projects Included Included Included Included
Users Unlimited Unlimited $34 (5 users) - $1330 (200 users) $3/user, 25 included
Price $39/mo $99/mo $34+ varies by users $50+ varies by users
Can I take my data with me if I leave?
Of course! Simply go into Account > Export to download an archive of your e-mails in .mbox format for each project as well as a .csv spreadsheet of stages and team member assignments. Even if you don't export your data everybody still has everything on their regular mail servers — is a passive mail organiser that compliments your existing email.

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